Pirates and Princesses themed Kids Birthday Party

4rth Birthday

Leonidas and Maria are a couple of little friends. They decided to celebrate their birthdays together. When you’re 4 years old, loving princesses, pirates and magical fairytales is only the norm! The green garden at grandpa’s house acted as the perfect venue! The strong winds not only didn’t tear our spirits, but helped Leonida’s pirate boat sail faster than ever and arrive at princess Maria’s castle! Kids and adults both loved the tasty desserts of Jessie Tsiftsi of BASK it! All eyes were once again on the dessert tables, filled with the love and mastery of Monika Pawelczak of Artfavors, with the help of Magda Vantali. Pirates and princesses from polychromi speira entertained the kids with fantastic creations and fun games.

Happy Birthday Leonidas and Maria!