Magical forest themed kids birthday party

Melina’s birthday party

Melina loves fairies. For her birthday, she wanted fairies in an enchanted forest. We couldn’t resist her sweetness… we just had to make this party happen, for her! This forest had it all… soil covered with morning frost, flowers and leaves everywhere, mushrooms, birds, trees and animals, butterflies and elves! And a big fairy… you know, Melina… who was magically blowing and filling our space with beautiful pom-poms and stars! The photo booth with tulle and butterflies harmoniously complemented our magical setting.
At this party, we were once again “enchanted” by LUNAinspirations with a wonderful series of printables of fairies, elves, and lace. Monika from Artfavors with her magical constructions. Viviana designed and gave life to the wonderful 3D fairy that was in the party. A party without desserts by Sweet Enough by Vassiliki wouldn’t be a party! Polychromi speira with their fairies and elves creatively occupied our little friends with wonderful fairy collages, paintings and many games and dances! George, thank you for highlighting our work every time with your wonderful photos! On this day, the adults became children again and lived in the beauty of our enchanted forest!